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Comfortable one-bedroom apartment in SPLIT (for Students & Tourists) | Rent apartment in Split


Do you want to rent an apartment in Split? Check out this one bedroom apartment available for long term and

Comfortable two (2) bedroom apartment for rent in Zagreb (Students only) | apartment rentals in Zagreb


Are you a Student couple searching for a two-bedroom apartment in Zagreb? Do you wish to stay together int he

Cozy student apartment in Zagreb (modernly furnished) | apartment in Zagreb for rent


Accommodation Details Nicely furnished student apartment | suitable for students coming to Zagreb. Do you need a nice student apartment

Dazzling 2 bedroom apartment in Zagreb for rent (Students only) | Zagreb apartment for rent


Searching for a Zagreb apartment for rent? This furnished two-bedroom apartment is just perfect for you!   Dazzling two-bedroom apartment

FURNISHED one-bedroom apartment in Zagreb (for Students) | apartment in Zagreb


Student accommodations available for Erasmus and international students in Zagreb, Croatia.   FURNISHED one-bedroom student apartment in Zagreb available for

Stylishly furnished apartment for Students & Tourists in SPLIT – apartment in Split


Stylish apartment in Split for rent. Are you a student or TOURIST, searching for an accommodation in Split? Then this