Shared Washroom

21 ft. x 12 ft. ( 6.40 m x 3.66 m)

Main Level

Double Bed

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The Residence is located on Colonial Drive in Mississauga, Ontario, the main intersection is The College way and Colonial Drive. The bus stop is a one-minute walk, across the street from the front door of the residence. The private back yard is fenced in with a patio table and lounge chairs and backs on to a forest with walking and bike trails.

There are two furnished common rooms, a large kitchen and access to on-site laundry facilities on the main floor. Each bedroom has a secure door lock and comes fully furnished with a bed, dresser drawers, night table and lamps, computer desk and book shelf and closet space. Most rooms have a private or semi-private bathroom and walk-in closets. Each room is assigned a name. The kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, freezer space and mailboxes are identified accordingly.

We ask students to respect the space and privacy of everyone else and to demonstrate a cooperative spirit whenever possible. Some housemates are on non-traditional schedules. This means everyone must conduct themselves respectfully and avoid making noise whenever possible. It is both fair and appropriate that things should be quiet after 11:00 p.m.

You will be given a secure access code to the residence. For safety reasons, this code is not to be given to anyone. To ensure the safety of our students and to preserve the academic integrity of the residence environment and the security of the building, no visitors are permitted except for parents.

Students accepted into Mississauga Student Residences agree to contribute to the regular maintenance of the residence: taking the garbage out and cleaning up after yourself.

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Yes, but moderate.

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